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President Grant wished him to become Secretary of the Treasury, but Ward found it impossible to disentangle himself from his business affairs. Position: Food and Beverage Manager Salary: 22K Location: Netheredge, Sheffield Contract type: Permanent Hours of work: 40 hours per week, 5 over 7 Recently rebranded to join the Best Western family and located on the outskirts of the City centre, Kenwood Hall is a leading four-star hotel in Sheffield City Centre.

With its 12 acres of land and. See more salary insights. Top companies Show prev.

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Johnston Press - 55 Senior News Reporter, The Sheffield Star at Johnston Press. marketing and business experience forged on newspapers. Top salaries for Sheffield Council bosses revealed in new report Sheffield Council chief executive John Mothersole George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter.

Johnston Press is cutting five senior journalists at the Sheffield Star as part of a series of redundancies at the title, an announcement from the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has said. Picture editor Dennis Lound, business editor John Highfield, senior production manager Richard Smith, Barnsley reporter Gail Robinson and Rotherham reporter.

The Star, Sheffield.likes · 19, talking about this. Message us with your news, email [email protected] or call 76 76 Buy a photo. Area Business Manager (Graduate Opportunity) - Sheffield Star's recruiting for an Area Business Manager (Office Based) to work for a medical devices .

Sheffield star business reporter salary
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Top salaries for Sheffield Council bosses revealed in new report - The Star