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Thieves may open unlocked doors or reach through open windows to steal items in plain sight. Crime Threats Cases of petty and violent crime increased significantly overprompting the U. There are several commercial insurance companies in Chad providing coverage for local and expatriate drivers. Prefects administer the 61 departments within the regions.

All in the family Tuesday, 24 November The Africa Report Electoral preparations will dominate the political debate in Chad in and into Terrorism Threat The U. Maoundoe Decladore was released on bail due to his deteriorating health and was awaiting trial at the end of the year.

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Despite limited resources, Chadian customs officials make occasional efforts to enforce copyright laws, normally by seizing and burning counterfeit medicines, CDs, and mobile phones. Chadian roads are in generally poor condition; however, the government has invested in several major road projects over the last few years.

When demonstrations do occur, they are well-controlled and under tight police supervision. Severe flooding destroyed the infrastructure of some refugee camps and left 4, refugees completely without shelter.

Solicitations to transfer large sums of money to your bank account: It has been impossible, therefore, to mold a common national identity since independence, and chronic guerrilla movements threaten the government.

Country-specific Vaccination and Health Guidance Tap water is generally not safe to drink. Despite a new media law passed in August, the government continues to suppress free speech. The normalization of relations led to the repatriation of Chadian rebels from Sudan, the opening of the border between the two countries in April after seven years of closure, and the deployment of a joint force to secure the border, though attacks on civilians in the area continue.

The population of Chad is overwhelming rural with a very low density, particularly in the northern half. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, and text messaging services, including SMS and WhatsApp, have been selectively restricted.

Right to food The Chadian military continued to impose restrictions on the movement of people and goods along the shores of Lake Chad, hampering the livelihoods of communities and heightening the risk of food insecurity. While de-mining efforts are on-going, travelers should remain on paved or well-traveled roads.

Drivers should ensure that the vehicle has a copy of a valid insurance policy and registration papers.

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Throughout the country, government forces continue to arbitrarily arrest and detain civilians and suspected rebels, often on the basis of ethnicity, and subject them to ill-treatment and torture, sometimes in unofficial places of detention. Low oil prices and security threats haunt central African region Friday, 08 January Sylvain Andzongo Tighter public spending, economic diversification and greater regional trade are needed to spur growth in central Africa that has been hampered by plunging oil prices and security threats, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Friday.

In June, nearly 5, people fled a wave of Boko Haram attacks on villages around Kaiga Kindjiria and Tchoukoutalia, creating two new sites for internally displaced people: The risk of being targeted by criminal actors greatly increases at night, especially alone or in isolated areas. Since July, around 6, people arrived in Baga Sola from Niger after the withdrawal of Chadian troops from the country and in fear of attacks from Boko Haram.

Africans support vibrant media, survey shows Wednesday, 04 May Crystal Orderson The main findings released on World Press Freedom showed that a majority of African citizens supported the media's "watchdog" role, saw the media as effective in revealing government mistakes and corruption, and affirmed that journalists "rarely" or "never" abuse their freedom by publishing lies.

Lake Chad, after which the country is named, is the largest wetland in Chad and the second-largest in Africa. The capital N'Djamena is the largest city. Chad's official languages are Arabic and French. Chad charges Capital Gains Tax, at a rate of 35%, on the disposal of fixed assets and shares, for which reliefs are available.

VAT of 18% for any taxable transactions and.

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Report Threats; رعربيعربي of a series of ten mostly fresh water lakes in the Ounianga Basin in the heart of the Sahara Desert of northeastern Chad. The lakes are remnants of a single large lake that once occupied this remote area approximately 11, to 5, years ago.

Chad is the largest of Africa's 16 landlocked countries.

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My report is about Chad, it is a large country in the north-central part of Africa. These are some of the interesting statistics I learned about Chad. The republic of Chad is the largest country of the former French Equatorial Africa. The English version of the Chad chapter of the World Report incorrectly states that a joint African Union-Europe Union team presented Senegal with a.

Friday, 29 January The Africa Report The year hosted a bumper crop of high-stakes elections, and brings more of the same. A major trend involves presidents seeking to hold on to power for as long as possible by almost any means necessary.

Report on chad africa
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